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Tucson Custom Printed T-Shirts

When you need custom, screen printed t-shirts, Tucson, AZ based Distinct Impression can handle any size project.  Make your event, business or social group, a memorable experience.  Distinct Impression can handle your entire project from purchasing your t-shirts to creating the art and printing the shirts.

We have a vast network of distributors to purchase your blank shirts. Our number one distributor is located in Phoenix and offers us free freight, a savings that we pass on to you. Our catalog button is linked to their complete catalog. We also use other distributors to increase your selection of garments, colors and brands. From them we are able to offer an expanded selection of youth and ladies styles, dyed and treated garments, styles cut for the young and fit, organic cotton garments and t-shirts made from recycled cotton and plastic bottles.  The result: the best pricing on your custom printed t-shirts.


T-shirt and printing costs are determined by:

  1. The weight, style and brand of the garment.
  2. The color of the garment. There are three price categories. Neutrals are white and natural. These two colors are the least expensive. Heather includes ash, light steel and sports gray. These colors cost more than white and less than colors. All other color shirts are the most expensive.
  3. The quantity of garments needed. We have several quantity price breaks: 48, 96, 144, 300, 600, 1200, 1800 and 2400+.
  4. The location(s) of the print. To print on one side of the shirt is less expensive than printing on both sides of the shirt. Sleeve prints, pocket prints and special print placements are available for an additional cost.
  5. The number of ink colors used. Each ink color requires a film positive, a screen and set-up. The more ink colors used, the higher the cost.
  6. If artwork is needed we charge $25.00 per hour. If you need simple art or type we normally do not charge for the first 15 minutes.
  7. We are located outside of the Tucson city limits. Sales tax is charged at 7.1%.

We do not publish our price list as each job has different requirements. We are happy to give you a price quote for a specific request. Click on our “Get a Quote” button. The more information that you give us the more accurate the price quote will be.