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Tucson T-Shirt Screen Printers

Tucson T-Shirt Printers, Distinct Impression, Inc has been owned and operated by Bruce, Mark and John Wilhelmsen  for over 30 years. Bruce runs the shop, directing our employees making the screens, mixing the inks and setting up and operating our two 10 color automatic screen print presses.

Mark is our artist extraordinaire. Working with your art or providing custom artwork, Mark knows what is needed to produce a great looking print. John shuffles paperwork and pays the bills. John is also your contact person and he will be in communication with you so that he can understand your needs and requirements and share them with Mark, Bruce and our staff.

Distinct Impression, Inc. specializes in printing multi-color designs on t-shirts. Our Tucson facility also offers the capability to print industrial products for the medical and aerospace industries in our two clean print rooms.

Thank you for visiting with us, please click on our videos and photos for a closer look at our screen-printing facility.